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APS Klasik 2020 Monitor (Pair)


  • $1,699.00

  The APS Klasik is the best entry point into the world of high end monitors. With open, detailed highs from its aluminium tweeter, and deep, expansive lows, it reveals details in your music that help you perfect your mixes. Give them a try and see why some of the worlds top studios have started adding them to their control rooms!


Order time: 3-5 Weeks


Technical specifications

Near-medium field monitor

Type Active – two power amplifiers – AB class:
System Two-way
Crossover Frequency 3.2 kHz 
Dimensions Height x Width x Depth
36 cm ´ 21 cm ´ 32 cm/ 14.2’’ x 8.3’’ x 12.6’’
Free Field Frequency Response ± 2 dB:   39 Hz ¸ 25 kHz
SPL in Free Field @ 1m RMS: 105.5 dB (single)
Peak: 113.5 dB (pair)
Weight 10 kg / 22.1 lbs


Bass/Mid-Range Loudspeaker Ø 18 cm (7’’)
Diaphragm: cellulose, surround: rubber
Tweeter loudspeaker Ø 1.9 cm (3/4”) aluminium dome


Bass/Mid-Range Power Amplifier 100 W RMS @ 8
Tweeter Power Amplifier 100 W RMS @ 8
Total Harmonic Distortions 0.005 % – PO = 5 W, f = 1 kHz
0.1 % max – PO = 0.1 up to 50 W, f = 20 Hz up to 20 kHz
Input Voltage Level for 96 dB SPL in Free Field @ 1m 0 dBu (i.e. 0.775 V) – calibrated regulators in 0 dB positions

Calibrated Controls

Input Sensitivity Switch -10.5dB, -9dB, -7.5dB, -6dB, -4.5dB, -3dB, -1.5dB, 0dB
Tweeter Loudspeaker Level Switch -1.5dB, 0dB, 1.5dB


Input XLR symmetrical (balanced)
RCA asymmetrical (unbalanced)

Input Impedance 10 kΩ


Power Amplifiers Protections Pop-free start & stop, thermal, short circuit and over-current limiters
Prevention from Interferences and Hums



Signaling Devices

Power Switching On Lit up logo - Blue LED

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