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APS Sub 10

APS Sub 10


  • $2,299.00

The APS Sub 10 is one of our personal favourite subwoofers. It brings great depth and detail to the low end, and pairs very well with virtually any monitor speakers. If you work on music that requires more low end detail whether it is dance, orchestral or pop, this sub will do wonders for your monitor setup.

Order Time: 2 - 3 Weeks

Custom Colours: 3 - 4 Weeks

Contact us in advance for confirmation of custom finishes. Displayed in White Custom Finish.



Technical specifications


Type Active – Class D power amplifier Hypex: 400 W @ 4Ω
Dimensions Height x Width x Depth
39 cm x 39 cm x 40 cm / 15.35" x 15.35" x 15.75"
Free Field Frequency Response ±2.5 dB: 19-90 Hz
SPL in Free Field @ 1m RMS: 108 dB (single subwoofer)
Peak: 116 dB (pair of subwoofers)
Weight 24 kg / 53 lbs

Calibrated Controls

Input Sensitivity Switch / VOLUME (8 positions) -4.5dB, -3dB, -1.5dB, 0dB, 1.5dB, 3dB, 4.5dB, 6dB
Input Sensitivity Switch / VOLUME (3 positions) -20dB, -10dB, 0dB
Low-pass filter Switch CUT OFF 40Hz, 45Hz, 50Hz, 57Hz, 63Hz, 71Hz, 80Hz, 90Hz
Filters By-Pass Switch UNFILTERED (LFE) Position down: filters ON
Position up: filters OFF
PHASE Switch 0 degrees, 180 degrees
STAND-BY Switch Position down: active STAND-BY
Position up: continuous mode (Stand-by OFF)


Subbass Loudspeaker Ø 29 cm
Diaphragm: cellulose, surround: rubber


Subbass Loudspeaker Power Amplifier 400 W RMS @ 4 Ω (270 W RMS @ 6 Ω)
THD distortions Typ 0.01%, Max 0.05% 20Hz<f<20kHz, Pout < PR/2
Max 0.04% 20Hz<f<20kHz, Pout = 1W

Inputs, Outputs

INPUT right (R) and left (L) Two types (common socket Combo):
- XLR symmetrical (balanced)
- TRS symmetrical (balanced) "6.3 mm"
and RCA nonsymmetrical
Input impedance 10 kΩ
„Loop Through” Output XLR symmetrical, Output impedance 100 Ω


Subbass Loudspeaker Protection Pop-free start and stop control
Power Amplifiers Protections Overcurrent protection
Power Amplifiers Protections Overvoltage protection

Signaling Devices

CLIPPING detected Red LED
POWER ON / DC-error detected Green LED / Red LED

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